Riverbank Park


     A modern waterfront playground and park. There is a great area to sit and relax plus a trail where you walk alongside the river. Riverbank park has field space for tossing the frisbee or running around. The street has free parking and there is also nearby lots. Geese also swim in the water. 

City Forest

24 Hours

     A 118 acre trail system that goes through Westbrook's forests. The main trail head is at the community center. The mostly dirt trail is popular with mountain bikers so always be on the lookout for incoming riders. The 3.1 miles of trail are easy to follow but when you start branching off the trails become less marked.

River Walk

Dawn to Dusk

     A quick 1.2 mile walk showing the heart of downtown Westbrook. You wind through old city mills, parks, and stores.  The walk is nicely paved and moderately trafficked. Parking can be usually easily found on the street at any point of the walk. There are no designated bathrooms on the loop but there are plenty of gas station and shops with restrooms throughout town. The official start is at Cumberland st and the end is at Bridge st. 

Stroudwater Trail

24 Hours

     A densely wooded trail that is over 3.5 miles in length. This trail features historical landmarks and benches at outlooks. The trail has 3 trail heads with 3-5 car spots each. The terrain is uphill at times and rated as moderate. Some of the steeper sections do have a stair set. The trail does get wet and muddy during the rainy season. Be prepared with shoes you aren't afraid to get wet.

Sebago to the Sea Trail

24 Hours

      A long 4.8 mile trail that connects South Windham to Westbrook. A solid 3.5 miles at the beginning from Westbrook are on railroad tracks and rugged terrain. Please wear shoes adequate for these conditions. This trail is so spread out that it isn't heavily populated and has quite a few nice sightseeing spots.

Walker Memorial Library

Thursday 10AM–7PM

Friday 9AM–5PM

Saturday 9AM–1PM


Monday 10 AM-7PM

Tuesday 10AM–7PM

Wednesday 9AM–5PM

      A rustic looking library with plenty of programs and places to roam for kids. This library has toys and games completely available for kids. The childrens room also has a great friendly staff and plenty of books geared towards kids.

Mill Brooke Preserve

Dawn to Dusk

     A 4.4 mile trail system that begins a bit hilly. After about 1/2 a mile it starts to even out a bit more. The best part of the preserve is how secluded it feels. When just minutes away from the heart of Westbrook. Trail head parking can be found on the roads in front of the kiosks. Also, a great place to see the migration of fish. 

Westbrook Skate Park


      A well kept skate park that is behind a popular dog park. The park itself has plenty of features but some of them are a bit meaningless. Some extra terrain they threw down to fill up the park. For a place to skate the community is on the more mature side. In the backside there is also a quick trail for a walk. Plenty of parking but no bathrooms sadly. 

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