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No one looks forward to the day they seek counseling. However, that may be the day that makes all the difference. Life is hard, and no doubt you've been through a lot.  Life has a way of challenging us and sometimes it's more than we can handle. It happens.

Together we start anew.

How Therapy Can Help Your Child

March 22, 2018

Can therapy help your child? This presentation aims to answer that question. It will provide insight into the inner working of therapy and its influence on creating positive change. You will learn:

-What child-focused therapy is

-Why kids behave the way they do, and how to change it

-How to create positive emotions in your child

-When is the best time to start your child in therapy

-Why sometimes family therapy is so important

-How children cope with difficulty, and how to help them

Free, Spots are limited

Understanding the Emotional Lives of Boys

April 19, 2018

This presentation is for parents and professionals who interact with boys from the ages of 4 to 18. As a trauma-focused therapist, working primarily with young males, and as father of a teenage boy, I know the challenges of guiding young males in today's society first-hand. This presentation is built on my experience as a therapist, father, coach, teacher, and youth mentor. It is designed to be informative, and enjoyable. In this presentation you will learn:

  • The need for boys to express themselves, and how to help them do this in constructive ways

  • How the dynamics of control and power manifest themselves, and why

  • Addressing dishonesty in the most effective way

  • How win/lose - right/wrong - good/bad societal messages are halting emotional exploration

  • What boys think of parents/adults - this will shock you, and

  • The importance of helping boys feel their emotions, and how to help them maintain control

Free, Spots are limited

Middle School and High School Programs

Our aim is to work with children in our community to help them be able to lift themselves up when they are feeling down, and calm themselves when they are feeling highly reactive. We have a passion for working with schools to educate children on how they can take better control of themselves.

Two  opportunities exist for Southern Maine students, and all are currently provided at no cost to the school system, or students.

-Class presentation on gratitude, emotional regulation, coping skills, respect, and positive communication.

-Six-week session, "Learning What Therapists Do," which teaches students about the "therapy profession," but  most importantly teaches them techniques to regulate their emotions, be supportive of themselves and others, develop respect, and improve positive communication.

Sessions are conducted by Colby Williams, LCSW, who has worked with children for many years as a therapist, father, coach, teacher, youth mentor, and class presenter.

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