Benton Park

Dawn to Dusk

      A popular park in the middle of Sanford. This features a decent play set that has enough features to keep you occupied plus a tennis wall and courts. Benton park also has one of the nicest basketball courts in town. One of the best parts about this place is that there are usually always baseball games happening at the baseball diamond.

YMCA Playground

Dawn to Dusk

     The YMCA has a great selection of activities to do outside. In the back there is a very kid-friendly playground with a shorter basketball hoop with balls laying around. There are also walking paths near the skate park and an outdoor workout gym. On the left side there is also a full sized basketball court.

(207) 324 4942

Mousam Way Trail

24 Hours

    This is an extremely scenic trail that begins at the back end of Gowen Park. This trail system is 3.9 miles long and goes though Riverside Cemetery and along the Mousam River. Even though the trails are flat they are rugged and rocky at parks. Make sure to wear good footwear. It can also be buggy during certain times of the year.

Carpentier Park

Dawn to Dusk

   A less popular park for kids to go to if Benton is particularly busy. This features a smaller, older play set with swings. Carpentier park shines because of it's open space. There is a big field along with a bird pond. There is also courts to the right of the parking lot that has pickle ball and basketball.

Rail Trail

Dawn to Dusk

   A fully gravel 5.9 mile trail that winds through Alfred and Sanford. The actual start of the trail is in the center of Springvale. Going in this way will take you East. The actual trail itself is very easy because it is flat with very little terrain. You can find parking on the road or in the Springvale Commons parking lot.

Bull Moose

9a-10p Everyday

    A music, movie, gaming, and comic store to browse whenever you are bored. The staff is super friendly with people coming into look around and they don't mind you checking out the collectible. The Sanford location is a little on the smaller side so it is a bit more crammed. Overall a great place to kill a 1/2 hour.

Gowen Park

Dawn to Dusk

    A very nature oriented park on the way to Springvale. One of the greatest features of Gowen Park is the disc golf. It is a pretty small course geared towards kids. You can get the discs from the Sanford Recreation office with a $10 dollar deposit until you return the discs. The address will be put in the google maps to the right. There is also shaded picnic tables and hiking trails in the park.

Sanford Skatepark

Dawn to Dusk

    The best skate park in the Sanford is located at the YMCA. During the warmer months there are always plenty off people to watch ride or to skate yourself. With it being the YMCA most people are friendly and there is a lot of kids. At the YMCA there is also basketball, walking trails, and a playground.

Springvale Historic Walk

   An urban 1 mile long trail. This begins at Mousam Way Park but it goes in a loop. You can look at the map in the link below to see the route and more information on parking. There are scenic falls on the trail along with multiple spots to sit and eat lunch. This is a great way to learn about Springvale's history while getting some exercise. You can park in the street or at Springvale Commons parking lot and then take the short walk to Mousam Way Park.

24 Hours

Sanford Historic Walk

24 Hours

     A 1.8 mile easy historical walk through the center of Sanford. Parking is easily found on the street and in the municipal parking lot across the walk. There is a small amount of path that isn't on the sidewalk and is in a forested path. After parking there are plenty of the sites to follow in the loop and there is a trail map in the link below.

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