Veteran's Memorial Park

    A great park within the community of the Old Orchard beach pier. This place features 2 full size basketball courts, multiple play sets, a dog park, and tennis courts. There is also plenty of space to walk around and a veteran's memorial. It is so close to the beaches that you can see the rides from the park. There are bathrooms next to the parking lot.

6 AM - 2 AM

Saco Eastern Trail

24 Hours

   The Saco-Scarborough section of the Eastern trail is very scenic because it is through a marsh. The easy 8.4 mile walking trail can be accessed in 2 places.  These can be found in the map below. One is at Thornton Academy at the back end of the parking lot and the other at Mill Brooke Business Park.

Memorial Playground

Dawn to Dusk

    A great community playground in the middle of Saco. This is in front of a school so there are always kids using the facility. featuring multiple play sets and multiple fields to play around. Memorial Playground also has a shaded bench perfect for resting.

Old Orchard Beach Pier

   One of the more popular tourist attractions in the area this beach center features shops, carnival rides, and a pier. This place is still just as beautiful in the off-season where it is a lot less busy. During the summer though you can still find shopping in the street but you need to arrive early. There is a lot more on street parking available during the off-season though. This is truly the place to go as long as it isn't the Summer.

24 Hours

Fairfield Playground

Dawn to Dusk

    A school's playground off a side road of Main st. It feature a decent sized playground with plenty of field space. The actual play set is sized more for younger kids, but the park itself is more of a place to relax. This is the case because it's shaded picnic tables and places to sit under trees are a great place to kill some time.

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Diamond Park

Dawn to Dusk

   A gorgeous park on the river right next to Biddeford's border. Down a side street there is a good sized parking lot for the size of the park and a boat loading ramp. You have the view of the water plus an average play set with picnic tables lining the perimeter.

Dyer Library

Mon., Wed., and Fri.: 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
Tue. and Thu.: 9:30 a.m.-8 p.m.
Sat. 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

    A much more vintage type of Library in the center of Saco. Inside there is plenty of places to sit with a decent selection of books. They have quite a few children programs which you can find Here. These clubs are definetly geared towards younger ages but there aren't restrictions. Right across from the library there is the Saco Museum which is worth checking out on Friday's it is free admission 4-8 PM. 

Cascade Falls Trail

24 Hours

    A shorter 0.5 mile loop that features a waterfall. It is a tricky enough trail for kids to get some exercise but easy enough to not get too tired. During the wet-season trails can be a little muddy which gets difficult because the bridges are rundown. During May-September it is heavily trafficked but for good reason. It is all around a good scenic loop.

Bay View Beach 

24 Hours

    A quieter beach with two non permit parking lots. These only hold about 50 cars and fill up fast. Along with most of the beaches this is going to be a better spot to go to during the off-season. Bay View Beach has a restroom during the summertime. Another option if you would like some food and more shops is to park at the lot and walk down about 1/2 mile to Ferry Beach State Park. It is free to walk in.

Goose Fare Observation Deck

24 Hours

A quick stop observation platform on the way to Old Orchard from Bay View Beach. This is only a quick stop but has places to sit on the deck to eat or relax. There is plenty of parking but no bathroom facilities. The view isn't super clear but you do get to soak in some nature from the reserve you are surrounded 

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