Deering Oaks Park

6:30a to 10p

    A great 55 acre park with a splash pad and many other activities. This park is great all year because the pond freezes over to an ice rink. There is a parking lot along with street parking. Deering Oaks has everything with basketball, a playground, pickle ball, etc. The bathrooms are located in TIQA Cafe and seasonal portable toilets. 

Eastern Promenade

24 hours

     The perfect city walk and park. You can see all the boats coming in while eating lunch on the benches. There is city parking along the trail and at the head. There are sadly no bathrooms on the trail. There are quite a few memorials along the gravel and paved paths to look at on your walk. There is also two public community gardens to check out. One is located behind the tennis courts and the other is across the street from the elementary school. There is also a small playground at the park.

Baxter Woods Park

6:30a to 10p

    A small 3/4 mile trail that is perfect for a quick stroll. The trails are nice and the entrances are on Stevens and Forest ave. There are no bathrooms but the trails are short enough where you won't get stuck out there. There are a lot of off-leash dogs so beware. All around one of the best trails in Portland Maine. 

Fore River Sanctuary

Dawn to Dusk

     A gorgeous 85 acre sanctuary that contains Portland's only natural waterfall. There are plenty of trails all going through different types of terrain. From a salt marsh that is perfect for bird watching to the waterfall deep in the woods. Vehicle parking is on Frost St. ONLY in the 5 signed spaces close to Frost St in Maine Orthopaedic Center’s lot, at the end Rowe Ave, Hillcrest Ave and across the street from the Westbrook St trail head.

East End Beach

6:30a to 10p

     The only public beach in Portland featuring a scenic waterfront. There are three seasonal portable toilets and lots of free parking. Bring bug spray during the warmer months because the mosquitoes can get pretty bad. If you are going to swim the water has a pretty steep drop off so watch out with smaller children. All around, this beach doesn't get extremely busy and it is perfect to get some sun.

Fox Field

6:30a to 10p

     A small 4.6 acre park with athletic fields and a small playground. Fox Field doesn't have any public restrooms but it does have a picnic area with tables to eat. This field also has a basketball court to shoot on. One of the most interesting parts of this park is it's food forest. This means it is woods that only contain things we want.

Peppermint Park

6:30a to 10p

     A small playground that is made for a quick stop to get some energy out. The parking is street only. The park is definitely made for younger ages as the area is not very big. There are no restrooms. Benches do scatter the outside of the play set if you would like somewhere to sit. 

Pine Grove Park

24 Hours

     A well marked 1.2 mile trail network connecting Lyseth Elementary School to the park itself. The trail is mostly dirt and flat so it's relatively easy. The park itself isn't really anything special you are definitely going for the easy hike. Just be aware that there isn't any great parking options besides Lyseth Elementary School.

Riverton Trolley Park

6:30a to 10p

     A great riverfront trail that is just about 2 miles. The park area has plenty of activities to do before or after your walk. They include croquet, seeing the amphitheater, and the trout pond. The loop winds through a gold course in between the woods and riverside. The trail is relatively flat so it is suitable for beginners.

Portland Public Library

Saturday 10AM–5PM

Sunday Closed

Monday 10AM–7PM

Tuesday 10AM–7PM

Wednesday 10AM–7PM

Thursday 10AM–7PM

Friday 10AM–6PM

(207) 871-1700

   A beautiful modern library located in the center of Portland. There are plenty of places to relax and hangout. With teen and kid programs for all ages. Examples of these are Lego club, stem club, and a variety of toys and board games. There is plenty of amazing artwork especially in the children's room.

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