Counseling For
Adults & Children

No one looks forward to the day they seek counseling. However, that may be the day that makes all the difference. Life is hard, and no doubt you've been through a lot.  Life has a way of challenging us and sometimes it's more than we can handle. It happens. The truth is: we are all struggling with something. Today you start anew.

Trauma-Focused Therapy

We often think of memories being in our heads. However, our bodies remember much more intensely. Sometimes, even when the threats are gone our bodies don't know it - fearing the present like it's the painful past. Join us in discovering that you, or your loved one, is so much more than the past.

Balance is our natural state. It is what we internally strive for. However, this often turns into conflict when the external world consumes our inner resources. This conflict often manifests as negative self-talk, emotional instability, and mental exhaustion. Give yourself a moment to get back in-touch with the rhythms of your own inner peace.  

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