Fort Williams Park


    A 90 acre park on the coast of Casco Bay. Inside the park and trails you can visit an old lighthouse and a museum. There is also food vendors inside the park featuring sandwiches, gelato, and crepes. There is a nice cliffside loop and places to picnic. Plenty of space to park and a bathroom.

Kettle Cove

Dawn to Dusk

   The point itself is grassy and nice but surrounding it is a beautiful rocky and water view. The parking lot has about 40 spots so you should easily find a spot. This place is great for a sunset with it's quick nicely marked trails.

Winnick Woods Trail

    A gorgeous scenic loop that is 3.7 miles long. It winds through both woods and wetlands on a well marked dirt trail. Winnick Woods is suitable for all skill levels but just beware that mountain bikers are a majority of the trail goers. A lake is also in the center of the trail. The bird watching is very good. 

Dawn to Dusk

Gull Crest Trails

Dawn to Dusk

      A wide variety of terrain in a 5.7 mile trail system. Some of these include, wetlands, woods, and wide open fields. Off the main system there is a 1.7 mile side loop. Some of the more remote side trails aren't as well marked as they could be. Overall this massive 227 acres preserve is the biggest trail system in Cape Elizabeth and a great place for a hike.

Robinson's Woods

Dawn to Dusk

     A moderately trafficked loop that has nice boardwalks to keep your feet dry. There are more basic main trails to much more narrower and harder terrain trails. There is also a beautiful pond loop that winds around the water. On the back side of the trails are Fort Williams Park. 

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