Rotary Park

      The park is very big with 72 acres of land. With disc golf on the backside fields. You can find discs on one of the many hills or teen center. Rotary park has a medium sized playground next to its skate park. There is a dog park and a place to watch them play. There are hiking trails lining the perimeter of the park.  The disc golf hills can also be used in the winter for sledding.

Open everyday Dawn to Dusk
Teen Center: M-F 2:45-5:45 during school year

May Field Park

       The newest park in Biddeford with a large and modern playground. Mayfield has basketball and tennis courts in mint condition. The park also has plenty of field space to run around on. There is parking on the street and nice seasonal restrooms. 

Open 24 Hours, Basketball Dawn to Dusk

Community Bicycle Center

M-F 10a-6p

A non-profit bicycle workshop for children to work hands through many different programs. Kids go in and work with bikes and learn persistence, communication skills, and problem solving. There specific programs can be found in the link below. They range from Cycling Adventures to recycling bike parts into art. Going is free but a waiver must be filled out to participate which can be found here

Clifford Park

Open Dawn to Dusk

       A smaller park focused on mostly hiking trails. With over 22 miles of loops and trails. The only downgrade is that the farther you get from the park sometimes the trails aren’t marked as well as they could be. There are also 2 older tennis courts next to a small skate park. On the other side of the parking lot there is a full size basketball court and a medium sized playset.

McArthur Biddeford Public Library

Monday           9:30 A.M.  to  8:00 P.M.

Tuesday          9:30 A.M.  to  8:00 P.M.

Wednesday     9:30 A.M.  to  8:00 P.M.

Thursday         9:30 A.M.  to  8:00 P.M.

Friday              9:30 A.M.  to  5:00 P.M.

Saturday          9:30 A.M.  to  3:30 P.M.

A decent sized library with a great kids room that has events almost everyday. There is also a teen lounge and they always have activities for any age. In the kids room there are toys to play with, games, and computers. The event schedule can be found here


YMCA Playground

Dawn to Dusk

   Playground in the back of the Biddeford YMCA. There is a play set, row of tires to jump on, and swings. The park also has a large field that holds a gaga pit. In the back of the playground there are walking trails with activities like hopscotch on the trail.

 River Walk

24 Hours

  A .3 mile loop in downtown too see the beautiful river. There is parking on the street and in the Run of the Mill parking lot. There are places to eat with picnic tables and a Greek style amphitheater. The start is in the parking lot. Just follow the signs shown in the picture gallery.

Awesome Hobby Shop

M-F 11a-10p Sunday 12p-10p

A comic book store that has gaming competitions, board games, and walk in card games. Definitely a place for older kids as the games are usually complex. The gaming area is completely free and there are also collectibles on display. Also has a bathroom located in the back.

(207)-494- 8292

Biddeford Pool


Plenty of parking all along the street at the multiple different beach in the Biddeford Pool area. Off season only because a parking permit is needed during the summer. A couple other beaches off route 208 are Fortunes Rocks Beach and Middle Beach. These are also both parking permit only from June 15-Labor Day.

Biddeford Skate Park

Dawn to Dusk

One of the best outdoor skateparks in southern Maine is located right in Rotary Park Biddeford. This skatepark has plenty of space for spectators to watch if a child can’t participate. Some of the features include a large halfpipe for experts only, plenty of quarter pipes, and rails and boxes. Place to watch skaters after playing disc golf or other park activities.

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